Paheda is committed to strengthening the capacity and promoting health and well being of communities in Western Kenya to make them participants and beneficiaries through sustainable development through Multidimensional poverty reduction methods against Socio-economic political retardation. 


Paheda promotes creative changes for Empowerment of communities in Kenya through equal participation for sustainable livelihoods and developments. 


Reduce Poverty Levels

Among communities members by educating and training them in modern farming techniques and improve their access to healthcare.


Community members especially the adult population in modern farming techniques and assist them to acquire managerial skills.

Improved Healthcare

Enable rural communities to have improved hygiene and better health through environmental health and sanitation training.

Raise and Mobilize funds

Including other resources for the promotion of modern farming techniques and community health through the organization.

Improve water supplies and Sanitization facilities

In communities through drilling of boreholes with a view of promoting community health. 

Equal access to natural resources

To assist poor rural communities access natural resources especially land and water through legal advocacy.