About Us


Our main objective is to reduce poverty levels among community members by educating and training them in modern farming techniques and improve their access to healthcare. 


INTEGRITY – We want to maintain an open and honest honourable  commitment to community and each other.


RESPECT – We treat our  core workers and members of the community with courtesy and dignity


COMMUNICATION – We maintain an environment in which employees feel free to share ideas and information. We promote open interaction throughout the organisation to ensure knowledge  and understanding among all employees and our community.

TEAMWORK – We create a climate in which all employees work together and support individual talents and contribution of each member. We celebrate the successes and see mistakes as opportunities for growth. 


ACCOUNTABILITY – We are responsible to our community and each other for our personal and organizational decisions, actions and performance results.


PAHEDA was started as a community based organization by a group of people with a passion of helping needy children in the rural communities in Kakamega District Kenya. It is dedicated to building the capacity of communities in Kenya in various areas namely: Health and hygiene, Human Rights towards gender equality among others.

It is estimated that 1.3 billion people live on less than US $1 per day. This number is growing steadily as civil wars, loss of employment and restructuring of societies are creating newly poor groups.

Respect for human rights, meeting basic human needs and more equitable distribution of wealth, are clear priorities for the eradication of poverty.

Ultimate success, however will only be ensured when there is a willingness and commitment on the part of the non-poor to assist in the elimination of the human degradation which poverty creates.

PAHEDA is an endeavour to confront the problem of human degradation caused by abject poverty.


Grassroots level; Partner communities in Kakamega, Lugari, Teso and Busia counties. Involving communities in active participation in identification development and implementation of relevant poverty reduction interventions.

National level; Active participation in policy formulation and advocacy for positive change.

International level; Through participation in campaigns and training.

The target population include the rural/ urban poor, policy makers and implementers, CSOs including CBOs, local level leadership and the most disadvantaged groups in the target communities.



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Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the best service to our target population 


Hellen Okaalo

Hellen is the founding Director of Paheda and has overall responsibility of the management team.

Scholastica Khilaha

Scholiastica is the MS Entrepreneurial Advisor. Responsible for our business ventures.

Jane Kimathi

She is the Business and Project Advisor whose responsibility is to manage the direction of implementation of organisation strategies and projects.

Eliud Moyi

He is the organisations Project Proposal Writer. He creates written documents for partnership arrangements, services or products.

Caroline Waudo

She is our Legal Advisor. Responsible for the provision of legal advice to the organisation and its employees.