To train community members especially the adult population in modern farming techniques and assist them to acquire managerial skills

Creation of awareness through community forums of high yielding dairy cattle, goats, crops, and management of pest control

Community meetings with community leaders the aim of engaging them in discussions on the possibility of adopting fish and dairy goat farming

Workshops for community leaders in modern farming techniques

Project on “why chickens die”.

Improved Healthcare

Enable rural communities to have improved hygiene and better health through environmental health and sanitation training

Conduct workshops seminars and conferences to educate communities on environmental health, sanitation

Conduct community outreach initiatives with the aim of creation of awareness in health and hygiene issues

Conduct workshops to train community health and hygiene Volunteers

Conduct HIV/AIDS Workshops to train community health providers and HIV/AIDS care providers.

HIV/AIDS to be treated as a crosscutting issue.

Conduct workshops with the theme “ protecting Human Rights of most vulnerable in community i.e. children women and the poor and those living with HIV/AIDS

Promote the education of the girl child to reduce teenage pregnancies which is an strong indicator of poverty